Twitter For Teachers

Twitter is a really useful tool for connecting with other educators and furthering your professional development.

Here is a quick introduction to how Twitter works:

Check out the links below to find out more about Twitter:

Twitter Guides, Articles and Tips
How to get started on twitter (for educators) - Jason Renshaw
Twitter Tips for Teachers and Educators - David Hopkins
Twitter - Turn 140 Characters into a Virtual Staffroom - Guido Europeaantje

The English Language Teacher's Guide To Twitter - Karenne Sylvester
How to Win Friends and Support People on Twitter - Shelly Terrell
A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter - Kate Klingensmith
A Twitterholics Guide to Twitter - Sue Waters
Twitter for Teachers - Tom Barrett
Twitter for Teachers - Video Tutorial by Russell Stannard 
Twitter for Teachers - Why You Should Start Tweeting! - Jason Renshaw
Connect To The World Through Twitter - Shelly Terrell
Reflections: Twitter, Teaching and Learning - Willy Cardoso 
So, What's Twitter Good For, Anyway? - Barbara Sakamoto 
How to Use Twitter in The Classrooom - TNW

Building a Twitter Personal Learning Network (PLN)
A Plan for a Pre-Service PLN - Tom Whitby
How to Build a PLN Using Twitter - Shelly Terrell

Twitter Etiquette
10 Twitter Turn Off's To Avoid When Building Your PLN - Sue Lyon-Jones
10 Twitter Faux Pas to Avoid, Part 2 - Sue Lyon-Jones
Communication is a Two Way Street - Sue Lyon-Jones 
Thnx 4 ur RTs - Karenne Sylvester 
Twitter Hashtags for Educators
What is #Edchat? - Shelly Terrell
 #Edchat - Join The Conversation - By Shelly Terrell

 Twitter Hashtags for Education Policy and Reform
 #edpolicy   #edreform
Twitter Hashtags for English Language Teachers
Have You #Eltchat(ed) Yet? - Shaun Wilden

Twitter Hashtags for Maths Teachers 
 Twitter Hashtags for Music Teachers  
  Twitter Hashtags for New Teachers 
 Twitter Hashtags for Principals
Twitter Hashtags for Social Studies teachers
Twitter Hashtags for Special Ed teachers 

Twitter Apps and Tools
Using Tweetdeck for Hashtag Discussions by Shelly Terrell

Connect To the World Through Twitter - Shelly Terrell
Twitter's Effect on Presentations and Presenters by Tom Whitby 

Twitter for Academic Writing - Daniel Craig

Twitter and Conferences
Emma Herrod on attending first conferences - Ken Wilson's Blog
PLNs, Twitter and Conference Tweet-ups - Shelly Terrell

Twitter and Time Management
 Tips and Tools to Manage Your Twitter Time! - Shelly Terrell
Twittercide, or a Cry for Help? Cutting back on Twitter Without Pulling the Plug 

Twitter and Microblogging
Do We Learn More Through Microblogging? by Tony Ratcliffe

Twitter and PLNS
PLNs - Be a Mentor - Shelly Terrell

Teaching With Twitter
Online Teaching: Twitter Trials Pt. 1 - Shelly Terrell
Online Teaching: Twitter Trials Pt. 2 - Shelly Terrell
The Business of Twitter: an English for Special Purposes Lesson - Karenne Sylvester

Twitter for Teachers - Wet Paint
Twitter4Teachers Wiki - Find other Educators on Twitter

Twitter Humour for Educators
Social Not-working - Karenne Sylvester
What's Your Twitter Gullibility Score? - Sue Lyon- Jones

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